I AM NOT MY FATHER: The Story of My Life

I AM NOT MY FATHER: The Story of My Life
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I Am Not My Father: The Story of My Life
by Lou Daniel

Meet Tony Johns, scion of a rich New York family with connections to Big Al Dantoni, the biggest crime boss in the city. Tony leaves New York to attend college in Georgia, where he meets Linda, the love of his life, and Connie, her seductive best friend. But life brings Tony—and his lovers—back to the Big Apple, where Tony must decide whether to let Big Al live or to take down the mob boss and become the city’s next Kingpin.

At turns a crime drama, a smattering of autobiography, and a vivid account of Tony’s sexual escapades, I Am Not My Father is the story of one man’s rise to power—and his inevitable fall. Who will stand by Tony when everyone has betrayed him?

About the Author:

Lou Daniel was born in Macon County, Georgia. He currently lives in Georgia and I Am Not My Father is his first novel.

(2016, Paperback, 292 pages)


I AM NOT MY FATHER: The Story of My Life (e-book)
I AM NOT MY FATHER: The Story of My Life (e-book)

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