The House on South Street

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In this captivating book, sinister spirits haunt the house on South Street and bring evil and misery into the lives of those who live there. John L. Bisol. 2002. Paperback, 82 pp.


Reader Review for The House on South Street
Reader Review for The House on South Street
5.0 out of 5 stars Riveting, June 18, 2003 By Christopher (Portland, ME USA)

I recommend that if you live in an older house where others have lived before you, read this book with the lights on. If you ever had doubts about the existence of ghosts, this is a book that will surely make you rethink your beliefs. Written by what seems to be an "everyday" individual there I'm wholly convinced he didn't nor had any reason to hyperbolize his story. You cannot help but feel empathy for the inhabitants of the house, both living and dead.

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