Holey Ship High in Transport: I Had Cancer

Holey Ship High in Transport: I Had Cancer
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Holey Ship High in Transport: I Had Cancer
by Matthew G. Walton D.O.

Holey Ship High In Transport: I Had Cancer is an engaging and thought-provoking memoir that looks back on the Matthew G. Walton, D.O.ís experiences battling cancer at the age of thirteen. Diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, Dr. Walton endured brain surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy over the course of a year. He utilizes the challenges he and his family faced to discuss how we can reframe experiences and overcome obstacles. In his case, humor became an important coping mechanism, and he also demonstrates how the support of his extended family, friends, and members of the medical community left a lasting impression. In addition to Dr. Waltonís own perspective as a cancer survivor, his father, Gary A. Walton, also shares memories of his sonís treatement and his own reflections on how the family coped and the support they received, often from unanticipated sources.

Throughout Holey Ship High In Transport: I Had Cancer, the authors offer encouragement not only to those facing medical crises, but to anyone seeking to learn how to overcome challenges and to support others in the midst of difficult circumstances.

About the Author:

Matthew G. Walton, D.O. was born and raised in Southwestern Pennsylvania and was diagnosed with a malignant mixed germ cell tumor in the center of his brain as a child. He later studied at Allegheny College and earned his medical degree at LECOM: Erie Campus. He completed his residency in Family Practice at UPMC in Pittsburgh.

(2015, Paperback, 68 pages)


Holey Ship High in Transport: I Had Cancer [EBOOK]
Holey Ship High in Transport: I Had Cancer [EBOOK]

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