The Horse's Prodigy

The Horse's Prodigy
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The Horse’s Prodigy
by Blaze Strain

The Billiard family wasn’t a happy family at all. Jack, the father, worked at his poultry farm, while his two daughters helped with house chores while studying. Their mother was living away since their parents separated, and their grandma was in the hospital with brain tumor.

Jack Billiard swore to never have a horse on his farm, although his daughter wanted one badly. One day, a beautiful silver draft horse went astray and roamed in their farm. The Billiards never knew that it would be the blessing that would change everything in their family.

Heaven’s Sterling Angel brought the family together, closer. The daughters graduated and married, Jack has a relationship, and things were working out in the farm . . . until the horse was taken away out of conspiracy.

The Horse’s Prodigy, by Blaze Strain, is about recognizing a heavenly blessing and taking it in into one’s life.

About the Author

Blaze Strain was born in Pennsylvania but spent most of his life in Pennsylvania. He has always enjoyed writing poetry and short stories; this book, however, is his first published work.

(2013, paperback, 56 pages)


The Horse’s Prodigy (eBook)
The Horse’s Prodigy (eBook)

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