Homeward and Other Writings

Homeward and Other Writings
Item# 978-0-8059-6674-9

by Harold Ray Davis

In the classic style of Herman Melville, Harold R. Davis’s collection of stories of sailing the high seas in the early 1800s gives his reader a glimpse of the men who pulled their dreams from the seas like a great elusive fish.

Starting with a tale of a floating island that eventually beaches a group of scientists on a hostile continent, Homeward and Other Writings offers a sense of adventure as well as imparting a moral tale of making it against all odds.

The theme continues with “Beneath the Southern Sun”, the tale of a young boy who starts out life on the streets and, with the guidance and encouragement of a good-hearted captain, eventually rises through the ranks of the Royal Navy to become a great captain.

Closing with a poem, “The Captain”, and a mystical Indian tale, “Christmas on the High Mesa”, Mr. Davis leaves his reader with a longing for days gone by as well as a sense of achievement as he celebrates reaching a long-sought goal.


A native of Phoenix, Arizona, Harold R. Davis and his wife, Shirley, have raised two daughters, Maria and Linda. How retired from a career as a civil engineer, in his spare time he enjoys golf, baseball, and women’s basketball.

(2005, paperback, 90 pages)


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