The Hopes and Encouragements of a Woman

The Hopes and Encouragements of a Woman
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The Hopes and Encouragements of a Woman
by Anna Roberts

A simple Christmas card received from her husband inspired the author to realize that life can be enjoyable and full of promise—you need only have motivation and determination. There is little doubt that life can be difficult, even frustrating at times, but life is also very short. Throw open the windows, let in the fresh air, get comfortable in your favorite chair, and read how one woman’s precious gift from her husband changed her life.

About the Author

Anna Roberts lives in southern California. She works with her husband; they own a small business. She handles all the accounting and clerical side of it. Anna has many dreams she would like to reach throughout her lifetime and hopes to remain in good health so she can fulfill them. She has three daughters, and having three girls is a challenge, although they are great kids. They keep her on her toes. She now watches her granddaughter, who is an angel but is rambunctious.

Anna enjoys walking and spending time with her family when they can get together. Her hobbies are drawing, crocheting, and writing. She is originally from a small town in Wisconsin.

(2008, paperback, 56 pages)


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