High Water, High Cotton, and High Times

High Water, High Cotton, and High Times
Item# 978-0-8059-7542-0

by William Wade Watson

Witty, amusing, and inspirational—this extraordinary collection of journal entries taken from Lucille Watson, a young southern woman growing up in the early twentieth century, provides insightful racial, social, and economic commentary. Lucille Watson’s entries offer uninterrupted narrative from 1927-1932 of her day-to-day life on Cross Keys Plantation in Louisiana. From managing the cotton fields, to hunting, to playing bridge and poker on a daily basis, Lucille’s resilience and courage is a harsh contrast to the rest of the country’s immense economic struggle during the Great Depression.

While afforded leisure time in her early years, she decides to work for the government to save the plantation when the price of cotton drops. High Water, High Cotton, and High Times provides a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a high-spirited young woman who works effortlessly to defy social convention.


William Wade Watson is a banker living on Lake Bruin in Tensas Parish, Louisiana, with his wife, Katie. He is the past president of the Louisiana Banker’s Association and an avid sports fan. He graduated from Tulane University Law School in 1958.

(2007, paperback, 200 pages)


High Water, High Cotton, and High Times [E-book Edition]
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