Help Came from a Stranger

Help Came from a Stranger
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Help Came from a Stranger
Brenda Hyslip

When her husband is taken away by the Gestapo, Sofie and her “half-breed” (half Austrian, half Polish) daughter, six-year-old Emma, are forced to flee wartime Poland for eastern Germany. Then when East Germany is occupied by the victorious Russian army, they are forced to flee again. And it takes them six more years to reach West Berlin and then West Germany, where they can begin to lead a normal life.

This is a story of struggle, of hope, fear, faith, love, and necessary selfishness.

About the Author

Born in German-occupied Poland and a college graduate from Germany, Brenda has been an American citizen since 1975. She has lived in Bentonville, Arkansas for thirty years with her husband and sons. Recently retired from the Wal-Mart home office, she loves to travel - and flowers. “I can spend hours in my yard,” she says. Brenda has always wanted to write, and Help Came from a Stranger is only her first book. “There could be three of four more on that saga,” she comments. “It will be great to write all the time.”

(2009, paperback, 62 pages)


Help Came from a Stranger (e-book)
Help Came from a Stranger (e-book)

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