Heart Songs

Heart Songs
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Heart Songs
by George Franklin

Heart Songs is a collection of spiritual adaptations of Gospel stories placed in a modern context. Using creative fidelity, the stories reveal Gospel truths in a manner that will resonate with every person regardless of their religious affiliation. Although the stories are adaptations of biblical stories, they read like modern dramas of the human heart.

The stories are not meant for literal interpretation. They are akin to parables. Their purpose is to teach a lesson in a down-to-earth manner with which the reader can relate. You will find the stories easy to read and entertaining while conveying a heartrending message. One surprise for Western readers to keep in mind is that the griot has a knack for playing with and inventing words. The stories are best appreciated audibly. In a nutshell, the stories are modern-day parables of the eschatological process and progress from being into becoming the imperfect persona to the I AM perfect person God designed us to be.

About the Author:

Franklin George was born and raised in the United States Virgins on the island of St. Croix, December 1957. He is an educator, author and publisher, poet, lyricist, and songwriter, folklorist, cultural humorist, griot, and Crucian cultural aficionado, known for his witty and incisive look into Virgin Islands culture, mixed with local pearls of wisdom. He loves to laugh, read, write, and travel.

(2017, Paperback, 116 pages)


Heart Songs [EBOOK]
Heart Songs [EBOOK]

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