Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno

Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno
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Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno
by Donna Cockayne Bonno

Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno, told from a pup’s perspective, chronicles the excitement of daily discoveries in the life of Wally Bonno. Wally’s enthusiasm for all things inspires his adoptive parents and even his older brother.

Life is short, and Wally has the wisdom to know we need to enjoy every minute. His enthusiasm positively jumps off the pages of Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno. You may find yourself wishing you could live life as a puppy too!

About the Author:

A native of Northern New York, Donna Cockayne Bonno grew up in the rural St. Lawrence County area. Naturally, her interests include animals and spending time in the outdoors. She is a life-long horsewoman and still rides regularly.

Animals and pets have always been a large part of the Bonno family lifestyle. Even their “horse camping” vacations centered around the family pets. It is fair to say that the dogs rule in the Bonno household. They are very much a part of day-to-day life, always underfoot and always engaged in the goings on. Wally Bonno is one of these big canine personalities. He loves his momma very much and his momma loves him too.

(2016, Paperback, 100 pages)


Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno (e-book)
Hello Again, This Is Wally Bonno (e-book)

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