Harvester of the Sea

Harvester of the Sea
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Harvester of the Sea
by Kurt Ward

Kurt Ward began his life of adventure as a child – diving for sea life with his father. He continued by joining the Army Rangers for four years and was medically retired as a sergeant. He has also achieved the rank of Skydiving Jump Master, accumulating over 1000 jumps during his time. He eventually returned to his first love – the sea, working as a commercial salvage and underwater construction diver, and then joining the lucrative sea urchin industry. After obtaining a special degree from the College of Oceaneering in San Diego, he began to work in the Gulf of Mexico oil fields after Hurricane Katrina – working his way up to a mixed gas diver, and finally retiring as an operations manager and field supervisor.

Harvester of the Sea is a thrilling tale of a man who sought adventure wherever he could – and was well rewarded for his efforts. It tells the true tale of Kurt Ward and his various daredevil exploits – the trials and tribulations of a deep sea diver. Witness his experiences—both exciting and terrifying—with the otherworldly experiences of working beneath the waves, and the people who dedicate their lives to it. This is a book that will thrill as well as stir a deep respect for the sea and that which lies beneath.

(2017, Paperback, 204 pages)


Harvester of the Sea [EBOOK]
Harvester of the Sea [EBOOK]

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