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by Dr. O.K.

…Happens is the story of Alfred S. Smith, or A.S.S.

Al’s life has never been easy. He has an uncanny knack for ending up in uncomfortable and unfortunate situations. Some are easy to relate to and others are just plain cringe-worthy, from dirty hotel rooms and randy dogs to vile neighbors and a cheating wife. Al definitely has it rough, which forces him to face the fact that … happens.

About the Author

Dr. O.K. is a retired college professor. He worked for 44 years as an educator, serving as a science teacher, principal, and superintendent before going to work at the university level. He and his wife reside in Louisiana and have four children.

Dr. O.K. is also the author of If It’s Not Broken…Polish It. (2011, paperback, 60 pages)


…Happens (PDF)
…Happens (PDF)

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