Hardships Help Success

Hardships Help Success
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Hardships Help Success
by Margarita Uy

About the Book

Margarita Magarse Uy's Hardships Help Success is a truly inspirational story of a young girl living in the Philippines, whose family struggled to survive various hardships, and witnessed the invasion of their island by the United States and Japanese soldiers during World War II in the early 1940s, creating panic in their lives. How would they survive?

The fifth of ten children born to a couple of simples means, through the diligence and sacrifice of her entire family, several of the children were able to receive education allowing them to have successful careers. This is a story anyone would be proud to share and creates a 'feel good' response from the reader. If one has the persistence and drive, the goal can be achieved.

About the Author:

Born in Iloilo City, Philippines, Ms. Uy immigrated to the United States, now residing in Southfield, Michigan. She is married with two grown children and three grandchildren.

After a three-year nursing course at Iloilo Mission Hospital School of Nursing, she worked her way up to a clinical instructor position. She continued her education, receiving a B.S. in Nursing and an M.A. in Education from Central Philippine University. She pioneered a school of nursing in the Philippines and her first graduating class all passed the Board Examination for Nurses.

In the US she worked as a staff nurse at Detroit Memorial Hospital for seven years and was then employed as a clinical nursing instructor at the Detroit School of Practical Nursing for eleven years before retiring.

(2014, Paperback, 84 pages)


Hardships Help Success [EBOOK]
Hardships Help Success [EBOOK]

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