Guilty: America's Conquest

Guilty: America's Conquest
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Guilty: America's Conquest
by Norman Garrett

Norman's life drastically changed after being unfairly represented by a public defender and tried by a prejudiced magistrate.

Everything started after a job accident, when he almost lost a leg. He was accused of illegally dealing in real estate. He was given a lawyer, who he did not know was playing an act on him. He pled guilty, which was against his will, and was brought away from his family, his property, his job, and his community.

He spent his life in a federal prison for twelve months for misdemeanor. Suffering from impending heart attack and other illnesses, he endured prison life and learned many things while locked up. But his desire to straighten things out of the injustice done to him enflamed more as he gathered pieces to prove his unlawful incarceration.

Guilty: America's Conquest, by Norman Garrett, reveals the hidden flaws of the American government's criminal justice system.

About the Author

Norman Garrett was born in Guyana, South America, but now lives in the United States. He is a self-employed realtor based in New Jersey. He is also a father to four children. This book is his first published work, which was inspired by his personal experiences and the people he met across America.

(2013, paperback, 110 pages)


Guilty: America's Conquest (eBook)
Guilty: America's Conquest (eBook)

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