Grave Matters

Grave Matters
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Grave Matters
by Carlotta Holton

“A mélange of terrifying supernatural tales that will keep you turning page after page. Grave Matters combines legends, curses and superstitions from the past with a keen contemporary psychological twist. Absolutely riveting! A must read for fans of the horror genre.” – Jack Evans, host of the Jack Evans Show WMBS-CBS, Uniontown, PA Grave Matters is a frightening collection of twenty-four supernatural stories based on ethnic superstitions, legends, and real historical events. The author’s experience abroad, combined with superstitions she was raised with, culminate in these spellbinding narratives, which explore the dark side of the human mind. Included in these mesmerizing tales are ghosts forever reliving their agony in the eternal city, a macabre ragman who peddles more than the usual wares, a puppeteer who can no longer pull the strings of his malevolent marionettes, and many more characters embroiled in the eternal struggle between good and evil. Grave Matters is a terrifying journey into the psychology of superstitions.

About the Author: Carlotta G. Holton is a national-award winning author and journalist writing for such publications as The New York Times and The Star Ledger. She is the author of Deadly Innocence, Vampire Resurrection, Touching the Dead, and Salem Pact. She has been awarded such honors as The Best Horror Book of the Year (, Best Anthology Book Compilation (New England Book Festival), third place in fiction for National Women’s Press, and many others. She is the past Executive Director of the New Jersey Press Women’s Association. She has taught creative writing/journalism at two New Jersey colleges and has written for She is a frequent guest on radio stations in the US and UK. She and her husband, James, divide their residence between New Jersey and Missouri. In her spare time, Ms. Holton swims, dances, and enjoys walking her two dogs.

(2014, Paperback, 230 pages)


Grave Matters [E-Book]
Grave Matters [E-Book]

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