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by Lois A. Lopez

Child sexual abuse can be devastating. Such is the case with an eight-year-old girl and Grandpape, her grandfather. With his wonderful smile and cute mustache, Grandpape always seems so nice – until one night when they are left alone. Afterward, the young girl is afraid to tell anyone what Grandpape has done to her because he has told her horrifying stories of what would happen if she did.

Will she find the courage to tell someone – anyone? Or will the abuse continue?

Told from a child’s point of view, Lois A. Lopez’s Grandpape is simple and to-the-point without being graphic and wills serve as a useful guide for all who are caretakers of children.

About the Author: A native of Belize, Central America, Lois A. Lopez holds a B.A. in educational psychology and teaches in California’s Alum Rock School District. She is the president and founder of Advocates for Young Deaf Adults and enjoys reading, cooking, and inventing. Ms. Lopez and her husband, Marco Lopez, have raised four children: Gary, Sheree, Natalie, and Brandt.

(2003, paperback, 28 pages)


Grandpape [E-book edition]
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