Gofer Rabinowitz Cullers-Mudes-Phealings

Gofer Rabinowitz Cullers-Mudes-Phealings
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Gofer Rabinowitz: Cullers Mudes Phealings
by Hildi Gesoff

The author, Hildi Gesoff, is an accomplished practitioner of the arts, an unassuming literary artist who can convey her enthusiasm for the arts in quite a vibrant way. Read on and share with her this passion and love for the literary arts. Let her compendium of poetry fill your hearts and minds of the joys and wonders of the written word.

About the Author

Hildi Gesoff is a composer/lyricist, poet, and artist originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. She grew up in Macungie where she still lives. Aside from writing poetry, novels, and songs, she also designs knitwear.

(2013, Paperback, 198 pages)


Gofer Rabinowitz Cullers-Mudes-Phealings E-Book
Gofer Rabinowitz Cullers-Mudes-Phealings E-Book

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