The Good Living

The Good Living
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The Good Living
by Gary Barnhart

Tragedy strikes a small mountain town in Pennsylvania as members of the community are struck down in what appear to be horrific accidents. As investigations are launched into the nature of these deaths, the Meeks family is brought together in an attempt to overcome their own tragedy. Estranged as children, brothers Ferris and Franklin Meeks reunite, and try to put aside the tragedy of their past in the light of the horrors of the present. However, as new information about the community’s deaths surfaces, the brothers learn their past is not what it seemed. Can the Meeks pick up the pieces of their broken family? And what happens when loyalty goes too far?

About the Author

Gary Park Barnhart is a native of Monongahela, Pennsylvania. He has been interested in art from a young age, including drawing, sculpting, painting, music. He first became interested in writing when he was writing songs with the band, Zippers, and wanted to tell more in-depth stories. He has been married to his wife, Teresa, for over twenty years, and they currently live in Uniontown, Pennyslvania.

(2014, Paperback, 104 pages)


The Good Living E-Book
The Good Living E-Book

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