Godís Healing Hands

Godís Healing Hands
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Godís Healing Hands
by Evelyn Winfield

Godís Healing Hands follows the life of the author, Minister Evelyn Winfield, through her abusive childhood filled with harmful relationships. Because of unresolved issues like rejection and self-hatred, it was difficult for her to see herself as someone worthy of love. However, after she accepted Christ into her heart, He transformed her. He cleaned her mind and helped her to see herself as valuable.

The author wants to help others to see themselves as valuable and inspire hope in their lives through Godís Healing Hands. She hopes that her story will help others to begin to dream again and know that they can succeed in life.

About the Author:

Minister Evelyn Winfield is thriving in her community. God gave her another chance to learn from her experiences. Even though she went through some of the most horrific things that life could throw her way, she found a way out. She strives to love herself with Godís help.

She shares His love with others and teaches how to give without giving away the very soul of a person. It brings her joy to work in a ministry with others who have been or are going through similar experiences. She loves to share her testimony and pray for others. Being involved in her church and being involved in her childrenís lives Ė and her grandchildrenís and great-grandchildrenís lives Ė is a testimony in itself to the grace and mercy of God.

(2016, Paperback, 54 pages)


Godís Healing Hands [E-book]
Godís Healing Hands [E-book]

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