God Planted the Trees: The Life of Man

God Planted the Trees: The Life of Man
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God Planted the Trees: The Life of Man
by Vera M. Conyers

"The Life of Man" has been marred by constant struggles that were not given to man by God in His creation. This is the "lie" man has lived since the fall of Adam. In this book, Vera M. Conyers asks you to "leave" on the "Tree of Life" that God planted.

And to this day, we continue to commune with these things, which all started with Adamís fall from Godís grace. All heartaches and pain are brought about by one force: Godís fallen angelóthe devil.

In this book, God Planted the Trees: The Life of Man, Vera M. Conyers elucidates on these things and why they happen, telling us that there is a solution to our inherited descent from the Lordís esteem. She shares her insights into what happened during Adamís time and the subsequent effects thereafter. But there is a way out of our bondage to the Fallen One, and we are assured of triumph.

About the Author

Vera M. Conyers is a retired California schoolteacher. She is an alumna of Fort Valley State College, Fort Valley, Georgia and Columbia University, New York, NY, with additional studies at Atlanta University, Georgia and the University of California, Los Angeles and Riverside. She was a devoted teacher of Vocational Business Education in the states of Georgia and California.

Vera now finds it a great pleasure and honor to be a scholar of the Holy Spirit. She admits that it is such a delight for her to be chosen to write about the Most Honorable Holy Spirit.

(2010, paperback, 174 pages)


God Planted the Trees: The Life of Man (PDF ebook)
God Planted the Trees: The Life of Man (PDF ebook)

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