God Lives in Me Now

God Lives in Me Now
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God Lives in Me Now
by Steve

I was alone for four years. During this time, my mind was free from many worldly activities. I was able to focus on God and the things that please God. While I was in prison for something I did not do, I spent much time in prayer, meditating and reading the Bible. God had put this punishment upon me in order to get my attention. He did it so that I might dedicate my life to Christ, that I might be able to serve Christ effectively and tell people the good news about what God has given to me.

This book is for the believers as well as the non-believers. God wants me to be an ambassador for Him. In these pages, I discuss my conversion from sin to righteousness and my own experience of an individual, personal relationship with God.

About the Author

Steve was born in Edwards, Mississippi, to the late Reverend John M. Hicks and Rosie Reella Hicks. He was the first of two sons. Steve was married to Carrie G. Fulgrum in 1973, and one daughter, Sandra, was born to this union.

Steve graduated from Sumner Hill High School in Clinton, MS, received bachelor and master of theology degrees from McKinley Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS, and earned a doctorate degree in spiritual counseling and healing from the Progressive Universal Life Church in Sacramento, CA. He also received a certificate of completion of the Paralegal Specialized Practices Program from the Southern Career Institute in Boca Raton, FL.

Steve is now disabled and retired and serves as associate minister at Greater Northside Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson. He is also the Assistant Sunday School Teacher for Deaf Ministry at Mount Helm Baptist Church in Jackson.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)


God Lives in Me Now (PDF ebook)
God Lives in Me Now (PDF ebook)

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God Lives in Me Now (ePub)
God Lives in Me Now (ePub)

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