God's 911 Heavenly Calls: Alleluia Call

God's 911 Heavenly Calls: Alleluia Call
Item# 978-1-4349-0001-2

by Mary V. Tyler

Use Mary Tylerís Godís 911 Heavenly Calls: Alleluia Calls in times of need to guide you through difficult decisions. Much like 911 emergency services, Godís help is only a call away, and he offers a plethora of advice and knowledge to see you through your time of trial.

The Bible contains timeless advice that is waiting to be revealed to you. Learning of the wondrous creation of the world or Jesusí miraculous birth and death will make any challenge you have to face seem small in comparison. Allow these teachings to guide you and inspire you to look to God for strength and advice.


Mary from down under, I go down under that I may bring to the surface not used nor blues, but that which our hearts cannot refuse, to wash away all broken frails that you may again start to exhale.

(2008, paperback, 152 pages)


God's 911 Heavenly Calls: Alleluia Call [E-book edition]
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