A Giant Squid in Nylon

A Giant Squid in Nylon
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A Giant Squid in Nylon
by Siafu

Pettiness, narrow-mindedness, and foolishness of people from all walks of life are prevalent in this novel. The two-legged predators and four-legged variety are truly terrifying. Horror and cruelty are always just a step away from us all, even rich people living in the lap of luxury. Will they all survive?

A Giant Squid in Nylon is the sequel to Bare with Me. It teaches us to always try to show compassion and understanding for that person across the way who isnít like us. That individual has needs, desires, hopes, and aspirations. Stop and take a moment before you say something you might regret. Is that a monster you see before you, or are you the real monster?

About the Author:

Born and raised between Virginia and North Carolina, Siafu received a degree in design in Atlanta, Georgia, then moved to southwest Florida. She loves horseback riding, shell and rock collecting, swimming, and dancing. Siafu is also an artist and has had a few one-man art shows in the area over the years.

(2016, Paperback, 440 pages)


A Giant Squid in Nylon (e-book)
A Giant Squid in Nylon (e-book)

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