Gilbert the Gorilla Can Talk

Gilbert the Gorilla Can Talk
Item# 978-0-8059-7153-8

by Frank C. Hyatte, Sr.

Now, to slap a Frenchman is a crime,
but to spit into his face
Is insult of the highest kind,
Especially from an Ape.

Who knows how far a man will stretch when faced with certain death?

Frank C. Hyatte, Sr.’s extensively vivid imagination and his great love for the French and their culture was the great inspiration for Gilbert the Gorilla Can Talk, an epic journey into the twenty-mile hike of Gilbert, the talking gorilla, and “Frenchie,” who is accompanying him at his sick friend’s request. This great adventure’s alliterative language and fun bouncing words make for a great read – and a tall tale that will be passed on for generations to come.


Frank C. Hyatte, Sr., is a retired U.S. Navy Inspector, and he resides in Chesapeake, Virginia, with his wife, Lillian. They have four children: Roslyn, Dawn-Marie, Frank Jr., and Heather Estelle. Frank’s other interests include fishing and chess. This is his first published book.

(2007, paperback, 82 pages)


Gilbert the Gorilla Can Talk [E-book edition]
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