The Girl and the Pig: An Epic Tale

The Girl and the Pig: An Epic Tale
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The Girl and the Pig: An Epic Tale
by T.L. Jones

The abuse committed on a child leaves gaping emotional and psychological wounds carried through adulthood. Some cannot survive the trauma; others still suffer—but there is hope. T. L. Jones rose above her troubled past rooted in parental abuse and became a survivor, allowing God to help her help others who suffered the same ordeal that nearly took her life. Her road to freedom from the lingering pain of abuse is captured in every verse of her poem and every word in the prose of her inspiring tale.

Reading through the pages can be a life-changing experience for the victims of domestic violence and an eye-opener for those who have no idea what it is to be in such a complex situation. And yes, wounds, though they may leave scars, can heal.

About the Author:

T.L. Jones lives in Alabama with her husband two sons. After leaving high school, her résumé became a complex web of pursuits, which included several years of European residency. At 38, she graduated from the police academy and applied the same tenacity that became her namesake to helping others. She now spends full time in pursuit of writing.

(2014, Paperback, 104 pages)


The Girl and the Pig: An Epic Tale [EBOOK]
The Girl and the Pig: An Epic Tale [EBOOK]

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