Garden Guru

Garden Guru
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Garden Guru

Do you feel that your garden is not prospering as well as you like? Do you feel the need of getting some expert advice? Then you need not look any further.

In Garden Guru, the author, Stan-Lee, expounds on the intricacies of gardening. A winner of several awards relating to gardening, Stan-Lee will show you the latest techniques in gardening, based on how he does it, which he has proven—in the many ribbons he garnered in county fairs—that they work, and work well. Benefit from his knowledge, skills, and teachings, and make the most of your own gardening experience.

About the Author

A native of Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Stan-Lee’s knowledge in gardening results from his three-decade-long experience in raising different types of vegetables. He is also an active participant of county fairs and has received a number of ribbons since he first joined in 1990.

(2011, hardcover, 94 pages)


Garden Guru (PDF)
Garden Guru (PDF)

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