From Inside--Now Out

From Inside--Now Out
Item# 978-0-8059-5771-6

by Robert A. Slivatz

Robert A. Slivatz has a lifetime of experiences and thoughts concerning events that have personally affected him, whether throughout the world or close to home. From Martin Luther King, to women at the Citadel, AIDS, and entire sections of O.J. Simpson, Slivatz lets the reader into his “thoughts about anything and everything.”

Slivatz’s writing moves from essays covering various national news events, poems concerning specific news events, and short stories based upon personal experience and imagination. From Inside – Now Out is an ambitious attempt by Slivatz to explore the whole range of human existence, from the political to the personal by using the whole range of forms of the written word.

By focusing on news events, Slivatz makes his writings timely and relevant. By also writing on personal thoughts and experience, Slivatz’s work is also timeless and meaningful. From Inside – Now Out is a work that documents the life of one man in the midst of one society.


Robert A. Slivatz, a Michigan native, is a retired Detroit police officer. He is also a life member of the U.S. Army Special Forces Association, and the 82nd Airborne Division Association. A freelance writer, he is a widely published editorialist and poet. He enjoys SCUBA diving, fishing, and the outdoors. He also plays in a classic rock band, BANDit, around the Detroit Metro Area. He and his wife Lynn are the proud parents of two cats, Snickers and Daisy.

(2002, paperback, 344 pages)


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