Free to Be Insane

Free to Be Insane
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Free to Be Insane
by Kathie Rodkey

Katie Ramie is no stranger to abuse. At the age of six, Katie witnessed her mother kill two of her children by throwing them from a third-floor apartment window. It was her motherís intent to kill all five of her children, including Katie, before she was ultimately stopped.

Kathie Rodkey takes you on a personal and painful journey through Katieís life, beginning with that fateful day in 1953. Based on an actual incident, this story will open your eyes to the harsh realities of a broken system that has put at stake the lives of thousands of young children whose parents are mentally unstableóparents who are free to be insane.

About the Author

Kathie Rodkey is a native of New York City now living in Maryland. She and her husband, Tom, have four children and thirteen grandchildren. She previously worked for thirty years at the University of Maryland and is currently working part-time in retail. She has a keen interest in writing and is the author of another book, Lucky 13: A Grandparentís Guide.

(2009, paperback, 294 pages)


Free to Be Insane (e-book)
Free to Be Insane (e-book)

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