The Fountain of Hope

The Fountain of Hope
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The Fountain of Hope
by Douglas R. Safarik

He left his father’s funeral and drove down to the hospital. His son was again in the ICU; his last blood transfusion brought unexpected complications. His son, Kevin, has cancer. Sam was grieving and the thought of losing Kevin clouded his thought. That very moment, his car suddenly crashed on a post…

Sam awoke. He was not in the hospital. He was in his room…in his parent’s house. He was again sixteen years old. Months before his death as a forty-five-year-old adult, Sam received short stories about people he didn’t personally know, but they recounted something about his past and somewhat foreboded a future that’s not so pleasant—the impending death of Kevin. The stories came from an unknown author, and they were handed to him by a mysterious ruffian looking man, who mugged his friend and whom he thought was a threat to his family’s lives. And then there were dreams that both horrify and puzzle him—deaths, vague memories, and the fountain at the vicinity of the hospital—the one he remembered much as a kid, as a patient with epilepsy.

His death brought him to a forgotten past were he could undo mistakes and resolve the rift he had with his father. Guided by the stories and the dreams, he has to move fast to save the people who would find the cure for Alzheimer’s disease and cancer—a cure which could save his son’s life in the future…and two weeks is all he has.

About the Author

Douglas Richard Safarik was born in Vancouver, Canada. He is married and has raised three children together with his wife, Fran. He still lives in Vancouver, where he has been resident for fifty-seven years. This book, which is also his first-published material, is prompted by the passing of his son.

(2012, paperback, 206 pages)


The Fountain of Hope (PDF)
The Fountain of Hope (PDF)

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