Food For Thought

Food For Thought
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Food For Thought
by Deborah Rodin

Imagine wrapping your faith around a promise from God as you are creating a sausage encased in a delectable golden brioche crust. Or rejoice in the fact that your sins have been rolled away as you take up that rolling pin and fashion a lovely focaccia. Do you remember Jeremiah’s visit to the potter’s house and the vital message he received? It’s something to ponder as you prepare a Mediterranean-style fish baked in a clay pot.

Food for Thought is an enjoyable way to engage the believer who wants to grow in grace through the knowledge and application of God’s word. Many talented chefs have taken the wonderful edible provisions of God and created a unique dining experience. Why not honor the One who gave us these gifts by ruminating on His word in the culinary process?

About the Author:

Deborah Rodin is a professional violinist performing in a chamber orchestra, a body whose purpose is to engage its audience by producing a unified sound. As an integral part of the Body of Christ, she is aware of its need for unanimity in the expression of the gospel. This can only be done through “following the beat” of our Lord and through meditating on His word. Having been a member of the Italian National Radio Orchestra of Turin, Deborah experienced the fine Piemontese cuisine. This has encouraged her to create her own recipes with a European flair.

(2017, Plastic Coil Binding, 136 pages)


Food for Thought [EBOOK]
Food for Thought [EBOOK]

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