Forbidden Love, Joy, and Trials

Forbidden Love, Joy, and Trials
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Forbidden Love, Joy, and Trials
by LaTim

Though they have different tongues with the same thoughts, different faith with the same soul, different cultures with the same characters, from different lands in their hearts they met.

Forbidden Love, Joy, and Trials is a short romantic yet heartbreaking story superbly written by LaTim, whose core substance is the racial issue faced by his characters in several affecting instances in their lives. LaTim drew concrete pictures through his words describing plausible conditions experienced by many couples bound in love, though in different races.

Forbidden Love, Joy, and Trials will test one’s point of view on racial discrimination and will later on leave you to attest your own prejudices on the vast differences occurring in the world.

About the Author

LaTim obtained his undergraduate degree in sociology from the University of Bethune-Cookman. In 2007 he finished a graduate degree (MBA) from the University of Phoenix, Atlanta. His previous books were The Unrepentant Husband, published in 2007, and The Unlucky Lover, published in 2008. He lives in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.

(2010, paperback, 112 pages)


Forbidden Love, Joy, and Trials (PDF e-book)
Forbidden Love, Joy, and Trials (PDF e-book)

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