The Flight to Delhi

The Flight to Delhi
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The Flight to Delhi
by Atta H. Hai

The Flight to Delhi is a fiction story, but it is a combination of love story and political drama.

The political tension between the two countries of India and Pakistan is always on the edge of exploding into riots at the slightest misunderstanding.

The Kashmir issue is the most sensitive issue; it is the only issue that keeps both countries apart. Three wars have been fought between India and Pakistan about this issue. If only we can find a solution to this Kashmir problem, both the countries will be able to concentrate on the development of industries their countries, and cut down on the big spendings of their defense budgets.

The Flight to Delhi is a story of ordinary people from India and Pakistan who, in the midst of a crisis, overcome historical tensions, work together, and in the process, for lifelong bonds.

When the people on both sides of the border come together to solve the problem, they can do it, and do it very well.

About the Author

Atta H. Hai was inspired to write The Flight to Delhi by his children and friends. Seeing his son, daughter, and their contemporaries form deep friendships with no regard to nationality or heritage, Hai was moved to write this story. Hai believes deeply in the talent and potential of India and Pakistan's people. He looks forward to the day that these neighboring countries can be friends, just as so many Pakistani and Indian people already are.

(2012, paperback, 138 pages)


The Flight to Delhi (PDF)
The Flight to Delhi (PDF)

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