Finger of God: My Driven Odyssey toward Deliverance

Finger of God: My Driven Odyssey toward Deliverance
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Finger of God: My Driven Odyssey toward Deliverance
by Pasquale A. Emiro

Have you ever felt you were not in control of your life but things worked out regardless? Pasquale A. Emiro grew up as a juvenile delinquent in the Italian neighborhoods of Somerville, Massachusetts. After his mother died at a young age, Pasquale constantly sought attention from his father, who rarely showed outward signs of his love. So he turned to a life on the streets and left home to seek other sources of fulfillment.

Throughout his life—his childhood, his travels, his marriage, his education, his health problems, his career, his family life, and even the death of his wife—Pasquale saw how God was present in the events and people around him. He shares his life story, complete with struggles, accomplishments, and joys, in Finger of God: My Driven Odyssey toward Deliverance to show how God shaped him into a loving, compassionate, and devoted husband, father, and man.

About the Author

Pasquale A. Emiro is a retired guidance counselor who lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts. He and his wife, Josephine (now deceased), have four children: Christine Moore, Frances Larson, Patricia Nicol, and Joseph Emiro.

Pasquale is a member of a Catholic Men’s Group at Holy Family Parish in Amesbury, Massachusetts and the Sons of Italy, Victor Emmanuel Lodge. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, travel, writing poetry, and reading.

(2009, paperback, 128 pages)


Finger of God: My Driven Odyssey toward Deliverance
Finger of God: My Driven Odyssey toward Deliverance

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Reader Review for Finger of God
Reader Review for Finger of God
5.0 out of 5 stars Loved This Book!, June 14, 2009 By Jennifer S (Ball Ground, GA United States)

I am so glad that I read this book by Pasquale A. Emiro. "Finger of God" will touch your heart. It is the author's story, and he writes it with such emotion and feeling. It isn't long or preachy. It comes straight from his heart. He has faced so many obstacles and heartaches, yet he remains strong and upbeat. His honesty is so refreshing.

Emiro really has been given a lot of troubles to overcome, especially the loss of a loved one. The book starts out with him as a young boy with a troubled life. He loses his mother and his father is a complicated man that he just can't seem to please. His life appears hard and it doesn't seem to get easier. He later loses another loved one. Yet, he doesn't see all his problems; he sees his blessings and the work God has done in his life. He does have many blessings and you will smile with him as he talks about them.

We all have problems. Many times it seems we have one disappointment after another. The author's views are uplifting and refreshing. If you are struggling with a set of problems, let "Finger of God" remind you that there is a happier side to life.

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