Fifteen Analogies of Love

Fifteen Analogies of Love
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Fifteen Analogies of Love
by Everett Pringle

Here’s how to find happiness, joy, and peace, and at the end of this life, eternity in Heaven. Sincere repentance of the heart and the willingness to turn from sin will allow Jesus to save you, and to change you.

“These little analogies,” the author says, “were written from my heart as God gave them to me. They were written with one goal in mind: to bring people to the knowledge that they need God in their lives to experience the fullness of life and to receive eternal life; to lead people out of spiritual death and darkness and into spiritual life and a relationship with God.”

About the Author

Now retired, Everett Pringle has lived in Florida all his life. He particularly enjoys hunting, fishing, and serving the Lord.

Everett Pringle writes, “I pray that something said in one of these little stories will bring to your mind the dangers of sin and Hell, and bring you down to your knees and into a relationship with God as you by faith would ask Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior.”

(2009, paperback, 56 pages)


Fifteen Analogies of Love (e-book)
Fifteen Analogies of Love (e-book)

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