Fear Not, for I Am with You

Fear Not, for I Am with You
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Fear Not, for I Am with You
by Assta Bereket Gettu

Born in a little village in Tegedie, Ethiopia, Assta Bereket Gettu runs away from his parents at an early age. He spends more than seven years attending various traditional church schools belonging to the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, but there are many difficult and even dangerous days. In his desire to go to school and become a teacher, he finds himself fighting ferocious dogs, life-threatening diseases, burning heat, and bitter cold.

When Gettu finally moves to the United States to further his education, he is met with more challenges in the Western culture and education system which prove to be difficult as well. Nonetheless, Gettu deems it all worthwhile as he presses on toward his dream.

About the Author:

Assta Bereket Gettu was born in Adizerebiye, Tegedie, Ethiopia, but no one knows the date of his birth since there was no doctor or nurse present. He excelled in his education at the traditional church schools within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. There he specialized in Qine and even taught Qine in the Geez language at Debre Inque Qine School Church in Semada, Gondar with the famous Qine teacher, Memhir Gettu Tesema.

Gettu wrote Fear Not, for I Am with You to remind his readers of truth of the English phrase, “No pain, no gain.” The message he wants to convey to his readers through sharing his life story is that a person has nothing to fear as long as the presence of God surrounds the person. In Assta’s words, “Dream high! Suffer a lot. Get blessings from God!”

(2017, Hardcover, 1,186 pages)


Fear Not, for I Am with You [EBOOK]
Fear Not, for I Am with You [EBOOK]

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