Fear versus Love

Fear versus Love
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Fear versus Love
by Ontiretse Gaeemelwe

Fear versus Love is a role model of motivation to anyone who wants to start whatever kind of project. That is to say, the fear parts of the project like financial constraints, risks, emotional pains,, threats, et cetera, must always be overcome by his/her love to see the project completed.

Ontiretse Gaeemelwe attended dangerous wilderness fires three times, and they had always come home after having stopped them because they pictured them as a malady to be overcome for the sake of preserving riches, which the Botswana wilderness offered for the tourism industry. Thus, Fear versus Love was born as a motivational scenario to the whole world for all who aspire to achieve anything in life.

About the Author:

Ontiretse Gaeemelwe holds a Business English Diploma and an Advanced Business English Diploma (both achieved by distance learning with the Business Training Limited, Sevendale House, in England). He is presently a supplies officer (purchasing) in the Botswana Police Service Store in Francistown, holding an International Certificate in Purchasing and Supply. He is also studying creative writing (distance learning) with the Business Training College previously mentioned.

A single man, Mr. Gaeemelwe lives in his country of birth: Botswana. He likes riding on horses and donkeys. His most appealing hobby is writing as a freelancer. He writes stories that he believes will encourage his audience, especially internationally, to endeavor achieving even the seemingly challenging goals. He sees successes from such indulgences as uniquely interesting. He is now about to complete work on another book.

(2015, Paperback, 74 pages)


Fear versus Love [E-book]
Fear versus Love [E-book]

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