Families, Friends, and Outcasts

Families, Friends, and Outcasts
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Families, Friends, & Outcasts
by Dr. Michael Alexander

Families, Friends, & Outcasts is an engrossing account—funny as well as sad—of life, love, and race relations in a small North Carolina town in the early twentieth century. As the townspeople navigate their way through the Great War, the Roaring Twenties, and the first years of the Great Depression, what remains at the center of their lives is their relationships with each other. Follow the adventures of vigorous little spinster Lucy Summerlin and her family, friends, and yes, even the town’s black and white outcasts, and experience the way of life of a bygone era.

About the Author:

During his teaching career, Dr. Michael Alexander wove four or five themes together through many different courses, an experience that was good preparation for the writing of this novel with its many fascinating characters and situations. He is also the author of four scholarly books. He is an active bridge player and a member of a small Episcopal church, where he served three times as the senior warden of the vestry.

(2016, Paperback, 310 pages)


Families, Friends, and Outcasts (e-book)
Families, Friends, and Outcasts (e-book)

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