Expedition to the Exposition - 1915

Expedition to the Exposition - 1915
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Expedition to the Exposition - 1915
by Cynthia Canfield Barnes

In 1915 Cynthia Canfield Barnes’ grandparents took their six sons by train from Oklahoma to the San Francisco Exposition celebrating the opening of the Panama Canal. These brothers’ stories were always a source of “discussion,” as each differently experienced any given event. Using her grandmother’s postcards collected on this trip and the stories her sons told, Cynthia created this book of fiction based on fact. The events happened, but not in the same way for each one.

About the Author:

As an elementary schoolteacher, Cynthia Canfield Barnes relied on books with visuals to brighten the historical background under discussion. After retiring she worked as a substitute at the Tulsa City-County Library system. The Genealogy Library captured her attention, where history connects the present to the past. Her four grandchildren continue to have a lust for books.

(2016, Paperback, 94 pages)


Expedition to the Exposition - 1915 (e-book)
Expedition to the Exposition - 1915 (e-book)

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