THE EXODUS STORY in Rhyme for God's Glory!

THE EXODUS STORY in Rhyme for God's Glory!
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THE EXODUS STORY in Rhyme for God's Glory!
by Irma W. Sampson

The book of Exodus, from both the Bible and the Torah, is such a captivating tale that a lot of works from literature, arts, and motion picture and television have been based on it. This story chronicles the life of Moses and God's redemption of Israel from their Egyptian oppressors, where God's powerful works were manifested through fear-inspiring miracles, and where the first set of written law for believers of Jewish and Christian faith—the Ten Commandments, among others, was established.

Fueled by faith and an undying fascination from this story, Irma Sampson brings in her insightful knowledge of the Bible and her creative flair in poetry to write THE EXODUS STORY in Rhyme for God's Glory! Every chapter of Exodus is carefully detailed in rhyme and measure without being tedious that people who are overwhelmed by the actual account of the Bible will find it easier to read and understand. And while it deals primarily on the story of Exodus, she illustrates the relation of some religious ceremonies to the forthcoming role that Jesus will play in the salvation of man.

A joy to read for the old and the young, the book encourages the rekindling and the strengthening of a person's faith in God and His Word.

About the Author

Irma W. Sampson holds a bachelor's degree in Music Education and a master's degree in Christian Education. The resident of Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, taught in both public and Christian schools. Now retired, she has been very active in Christian ministry and has been a pianist and organist in church for more than fifty years.

(2012, paperback, 130 pages)


THE EXODUS STORY in Rhyme for God's Glory! (PDF)
THE EXODUS STORY in Rhyme for God's Glory! (PDF)

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