Expressions (A Collection of Poetry)

Expressions (A Collection of Poetry)
Item# 978-0-8059-6932-0

by Delphine Ann Jolivette-Fant

Expressions (A Collection of Poetry) portrays reality as seen through the eyes of a strong, African-American woman. The poetry of Delphine Ann Jolivette-Fant describes her character, portrays her strengths, and brings to life her most inner thoughts. Her work covers themes that are a combination of life and death, optimism and pessimism, as she expresses what many of us think and believe but often leave unsaid. Her colorful language describes the myriad of emotions surrounding love, family, tradition, and endurance. From the inspiration of the strong, black women who influenced her life, she urges us to know where we have come from so that we are able to know where we are going. Expressions (A Collection of Poetry) is the rising of a sleeping soul, now demanding to be heard.


Delphine Ann Jolivette-Fant is a retired sailor, who now lives in Yucca Valley, California. A native of Glencoe, Louisiana, she earned a bachelorís degree from Southern Illinois University in workforce education and development. She is married to Prynceston Tyrone Fant, and they have two children: Prynceston Tyrone Jr. and Niaya Nicole. In addition to writing, she enjoys working out and cooking. Expressions (A Collection of Poetry) is her first published book.

(2006, paperback, 36 pages)


Expressions (A Collection of Poetry) [E-book edition]
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