Evil Is Everywhere

Evil Is Everywhere
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Evil Is Everywhere
Carroll Ward

There is an old saying that “still water runs deep.” The quiet little Southern town of La Flor, Mississippi, is an example of still water. While La Flor appears to be peaceful, placid, and lovely, underneath the calm is kidnapping, murder, and intrigue. One woman discovers the undercurrent of evil, but decides not disturb the peacefulness of the town’s façade.

When Sally Henshaw, a prominent La Flor attorney and Cornelia Connelly’s best friend, mysteriously vanishes, residents of the sleepy town begin looking for someone to blame. Cornelia must take the investigation into her own hands to ensure that the real perpetrator is brought to justice—a quest that leads Cornelia into grave danger of her own. As she pieces together the puzzle of Sally’s disappearance, Cornelia realizes that despite outward appearances, evil is everywhere.

About the Author

Born in Camden, Arkansas, and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Carroll Ward attended the University of Mississippi and received master’s degrees from New York University and the New School for Social Research. Ward, a teacher with Sylvan Learning in Casselberry, Florida, was inspired by one of her own teachers to write this book. She and her husband, Emmett; daughter, Anne; and granddaughter, Olivia, live in Winter Springs, Florida.

(2010, paperback, 108 pages)


Evil Is Everywhere (PDF ebook)
Evil Is Everywhere (PDF ebook)

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