Escaping the Chemo Slaughter

Escaping the Chemo Slaughter
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Escaping the Chemo Slaughter
by Neetcie Buell

Life is indeed unpredictable. One time, everything works fine; another time, events become heart breaking and devastating.

Neetcie had been married to her husband, Otis, for forty-five good years, when, on October 10, 2005, shocking news came to them: Otis has not one, but three, cancers in his body.

Fighting a disease like cancer is really tough, and thereís no telling how hard it can be if you have three of its kind to deal with. But Neetcie is thankful that all is going well since the time Otis refused chemo treatments and resolved to taking alternative medicine.

Everything is doing well with the herbs and supplements, and even the doctors have become believers of how well they are helping Otisís life, which could have been extended originally just for three months.

Escaping the Chemo Slaughter, by Neetcie Buell, shares a devoted wifeís fight to save the life of her husband from cancer.

About the Author

Neetcie Buell resides in Livonia, Michigan. She is a mother of two, namely, Sharon Seigler and Justin Buell. She graduated in 1960 from Clarenceville High School in Michigan. She got the inspiration for this book when her husband died of cancer in 2006, after battling for less than ten months with only herbal remedies and supplements. Now, she is sixty-nine years old and spends her time gardening, sewing, writing, oil painting, and reading inspirational and non-fiction books.

(2012, paperback, 62 pages)


Escaping the Chemo Slaughter (PDF)
Escaping the Chemo Slaughter (PDF)

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