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by Dan Brisso

While a war rages on the distant planet Illumina, a special envoy, exploration, and intelligence team prepare to board a transport vehicle. Destination: Planet Earth. Mission: Assume human life form, infiltrate 18th-century political and hierarchy circles, collect intelligence, and secure rare Earth materials.

But something must be given in return—perhaps a secret society to aid humankind?

About the Author:

Dan Brisso is a southeast Kentucky native. He was born in Berea and grew up in the Appalachian foothills. He is married and has two sons.

Brisso has been a writer of songs, poetry, short stories, screenplays, and fiction and nonfiction for more than twenty years. His hobbies include gardening and sport fishing. He also supports and is a regular volunteer at local charities to help feed the hungry in his home city of Lexington.

(2017, Paperback, 50 pages)


Equinox [EBOOK]
Equinox [EBOOK]

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