Entryway Into Yesteryears

Entryway Into Yesteryears
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Entryway Into Yesteryears
by Shari Harris

Entryway Into Yesteryears is the history of where we came from. A soul woke inside Shari Harris’s mind and told her the words of God, peace, and love and understanding each other. This is the story of God Christ and His brother, Lord Christ.

Shari started off writing this book for her niece but ended up writing the words of God. God told her to write His words about where we came from and where we go when we die. She asked God why He picked her. God said to trust Him.

This story is how the world came to be from a single hollow rock to Planet Earth. God showed her Heaven, a place of peace and love. This is the story of our yesteryears.

(2016, Paperback, 192 pages)


Entryway Into Yesteryears (e-book)
Entryway Into Yesteryears (e-book)

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