Ella in Shining Armor

Ella in Shining Armor
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Ella in Shining Armor
by Melanie E. Stephenson

Ella in Shining Armor is a delightful tale of the combined powers of a child's inner strength and creative thinking. Ella in Shining Armor and Princess Rylie are modern-day heroines on a mythical quest in medieval times.

Self-empowered and full of creativity, Ella and Rylie embark on a mission to rescue themselves from a sweet-toothed fire-breathing dragon. Follow them on their quest for freedom within the brightly illustrated pages of Ella in Shinning Armor.

About the Author:

Melanie E. Stephenson was born and raised in Rhode Island. She grew up on the beautiful shoreline, where she splashed in the salty ocean waves and danced in the warm sun-kissed breeze while her family told and read her stories that took her imagination on magical journeys.

Those fond memories and passion for storytelling lead Melanie to become a teacher and children’s author. She pursued her career path at Rhode Island College, majoring in elementary education and Spanish. Ella in Shining Armor is her first book and is dedicated to her niece.

Melanie and her husband, U.S. Army Veteran S.S.G. Justin Stephenson, enjoy telling and reading stories to Aliyah, Obie and Abby, and watching their imaginations whisk them away on the New England shores.

About the Illustrator:

Emilio Maiorano has been drawing for as long as he can remember. As a child, his parents allowed him to express his creativity and paint murals on his bedroom walls. He now shares this artistic talent and love with his daughter, Rylie. As with the author, Melanie E. Stephenson, creativity has become an important shared activity in the Maiorano family.

(2016, Hardcover, 30 pages)


Ella in Shining Armor (e-book)
Ella in Shining Armor (e-book)

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