Eirin Beazey Martin's Book of Poems

Eirin Beazey Martin's Book of Poems
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Eirin Beazey Martin's Book of Poems
by Eirin Beazey Martin

Love is a potent emotion that can bring different senses and feelings to a person. Love can give you hopes, happiness, and fulfillment, yet it can also bring anger and despair. Awareness can bring you to deep realizations and show you the bad side of human nature, as every emotion delivers you to a deeper understanding of the world.

In Eirin Beazey Martin’s Book of Poems, the author depicts various emotions as she explores the feelings of a person toward love and the world as a whole.

Developing and growing with love can indeed be a wonderful ride with the ups and downs. However, as we may seek to live the fairytale love with the anticipated happy endings, sometimes it just cannot be. Love can conquer all; it can give meaning to your deep existence and make you lost in the addictive presence of your love. On the flip side, as you discover more about love and the world, your inner weakness will show, and you will be roused to keep to yourself.

About the Author

Eirin Beazey Martin is a resident of Stuarts Draft, Virginia, and currently a student of Phoenix University Online. She spends her free time on martial arts, skateboarding, and online gaming.

She has always envisioned herself a writer amidst the challenges brought by her Opa. Her Book of Poems includes handpicked titles from over two thousand poems she has written since the age of seven. Her favorite band, Disturbed, inspired her writing style, but the poems themselves are specific to her feeling and her life.

(2010, paperback, 32 pages)


Eirin Beazey Martin's Book of Poems (PDF eBook)
Eirin Beazey Martin's Book of Poems (PDF eBook)

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Eirin Beazey Martin's Book of Poems (ePub)
Eirin Beazey Martin's Book of Poems (ePub)

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