Edenis York

Edenis York
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Edenis York
by George Tansanica

Found abandoned at a railway station by a kindly widower with four other children, Edenis York starts life in almost the same way she would leave it.

This simple statement, however, would not indicate the rich life that comes within her grasp. Unfortunately, tragedy seems as naturally a part of Edenisís life inheritance, first losing the family that loved her, before marrying to a man that confounds her troubles without end.

Not even the love and admiration by her community could spare Edenis from being spurned by the man she loves and the child she has treated as her own. How much could a lonely woman endure?

Edenis York by George Tansanica is a touching story of dedication, time-honored relationships, and the evils that try to bring them down.

About the Author

Born in the city of Roman, Romania, George Tansanica has been living in Redlands, California for more than thirty years. He has written many books, along with art creations. He has invented what he calls Linear Arts, which disposes of curving lines using the hand alone. For pleasure, George enjoys river and lake fishing, traveling to the mountains, beaches, coastal cities, and frequenting coffee shops, outdoor theaters, museums. He enjoys dancing, soccer, hockey, tennis, walking, and follows world news.

(2014, Paperback, 128 pages)


Edenis York [E-Book]
Edenis York [E-Book]

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