Eclipse of the Heart

Eclipse of the Heart
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Eclipse of the Heart
by Houa Lor

Perhaps she did it because she didnít want to hurt her children. Perhaps she did it because she made a vow. Or perhaps she did it because she didnít think she deserved any better. Whatever the reason, Marti stayed in her loveless marriage for twenty long years. But all that changed when she met Peter.

A housewife for so long, Marti finally gains a sense of self-worth when she gets a job at a local library. Her husband, Frank, doesnít realize the absence of his attention toward his wife only pushes her further into the arms of Peter, a regular library customer who catches the loving eyes of all of Martiís coworkers every time he steps foot in the door.

Coincidentally, Martiís friend Nicole is also having marital problems. After deciding she needs to spice up her marriage, Nicole goes overboard to show her husband how much she needs and wants him but finally gives up when she feels unappreciated or loved.

Eclipse of the Heart defines the stress that can ensue when a marriage is never based on love to begin with. It powerfully demonstrates the age-old phrase ďYou donít know what you have until itís gone.Ē

About the Author

Author Houa Lor based the character Peter on her own husband, Ko, because she wanted the world to know how much happiness a man like him could bring to a womanís life. Born in Thailand, raised in Oshkosh, WI, and currently residing in Big Lake, MN, Ms. Lor is a freelance makeup artist and stylist. She and Ko share a daughter: Karina Kaoshoua Vang.

Ms. Lor received her cosmetology degree from Scot Lewis School. She is currently attending creative writing classes at the Stratford Career Institute. Other than writing, Ms. Lor enjoys reading, nature walks, photography, movies, and fishing.

(2009, paperback, 94 pages)


Eclipse of the Heart (e-book)
Eclipse of the Heart (e-book)

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