Easy Recipes

Easy Recipes
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Easy Recipes
by Chef Lille

Cooking, catering, nutrition, and fitness have always been a passion of Chef Lille’s. She has put together this collection of easy recipes that promote the protein in the meats, the cartilage in the gelatins, and the vitamins in fruits—altogether, her ingredients will be nutritious and filled with flavor and in quantities that will make it possible for you to taste everything that is good in life in an easy, but wholesome meal!

Chef Lille uses herbs and spices in order to enhance the afterward palate. In that fashion, you will appreciate the feeling on your tongue long after dinner is finished and your breath will feel fresh!

About the Author:

Chef Lille lives in Canyon Country, California. She is a doctor’s daughter and a doctor’s wife. Her brother-in-law is a doctor as well, so she knows the importance of health and nutrition.

(2015, Hardcover, 50 pages)


Easy Recipes (e-book)
Easy Recipes (e-book)

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