Drinking the Moon

Drinking the Moon
Item# 978-0-8059-7108-8

by Masiela Lusha

Poetry is in the break, the beat,
The human machine…
Poetry is sounds, not words…
Poetry is a confession.

In this sampling from “The Song of Poetry,” Masiela Lusha captures the essence of the creative process itself and the richness of her own poetic style as shared in the pages of her collection, Drinking the Moon. Crafting ethereal descriptions of sights, sounds, and feelings common to us all, she delves deeper into the human experience and helps us to look at the world, people, and situations around us in a more appreciative, knowing light. With her keen observer’s eye, she carefully, lyrically examines subjects from love and heartbreak to death and mistrust, from travel abroad to the dissolution of a friendship, to vignettes amplifying how the beauty of nature stems from an artist’s touch. With these details, Lusha paints a portrait of the multi-faceted richness of everyday life.


Born in Europe, Masiela Lusha is now an actress residing in Los Angeles, California. Exploring the different interpretations, styles, and formats of poetry to express her emotions, experiences, and changes, Lusha hopes others will use this book of poetry as a tool for nurturing and exploring their own budding imaginations. In addition to being an award-winning poet, she enjoys playing piano, tennis, painting, and dancing. This is her second published book.

For more information, you can also visit the author's website at: www.masielalusha.com

(2006, hardbound, 72 pages)


Reader Review
Lusha says as an actor and writer she has to train herself to—as she put it—“ become vulnerable to the world” so she can be inspired by just about anything.

- - Associated Press, 2006

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